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  • Based in Switzerland
  • Operating Worldwide
  • Top Selenium Expertise
  • Focus On Agile Practices
  • Open Source Integrations
  • Hands-On Approach
  • Specialized In Engineering Practices
Our primary goal is to make our customers successful by equipping them with the knowledge and the skills they need in order to "walk" on their own. We do not believe in creating a dependency between our customers and us. We consider our engagement a full success when we are no longer needed.

Michael Palotas

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Consulting & Coaching



GRIDFUSION offers training courses for individuals, teams or whole organizations. The courses are hands on besides getting knowledge first hand from our experts, you will find yourself digging into many practical examples and writing code yourself. We also offer highly customized company courses, which are tailored to exactly fit your organization's specific needs.

Please note: we do not offer online registration for our trainings. We think it is important to be in touch with you as a training participant before registering. That way we ensure that you get exactly what you need.
Duration Date Location Price
Selenium Training 2 days 25/26. Feb, 2016 Zürich, CH CHF 1800.00
Selenium Training 2 days 15/16. Mar, 2016 Bern, CH CHF 1800.00
Selenium Training 2 days 30/31. Mar, 2016 Nürnberg, DE EUR 1413.72
Selenium Training 2 days 18/19. May, 2016 Zürich, CH CHF 1800.00
Course description: Selenium
  1. Introduction to Testautomation
    • Current trends in test automation
  2. The Selenium Tool Family: Selenium IDE, Selenium2 / Webdriver, GRID
    • Selenium history
    • What is Selenium?
    • What is Selenium not?
    • End to End testing with Selenium
    • Flavors of Selenium
  3. Tests with Selenium IDE
    • Supporting tools i.e. FireBug und Chrome Developer Tools
    • Selenium IDE Overview
    • Practical examples
  4. JUnit + TestNG
    • JUnit vs. TestNG
    • TestNG overview
    • TestNG Setup with Maven
    • TestNG Annotations
    • Dependency Management
    • Data Provider
    • Invocation Count
  5. JSON Wire Protocol
    • Client / Server architecture
    • Protocol overview
  6. WebDriver Basics
    • Setup
    • WebDriver API
    • Praktische Übungen
  7. Remote WebDriver
    • Overview and functionality
    • Desired Capabilities
    • Distributed WebDriver systems
  8. Selenium Grid
    • Overview
    • Grid architecture
    • Setup and configuration
  9. WebDriver Advanced
    • Custom Wait
    • Expected Conditions
    • Screenshots
    • Complex User Gestures
  10. Page Objects
    • Overview and usage
    • Architecture
  11. Reporting
    • Standard Reports
    • Custom Reports
    • Screenshots
    • Listener
  12. Mobile automation with Selenium
    • Tool overview (i.e. Appium, Selendroid, ios-driver)
    • Android automation
    • IOS automation
Course description: Agile Engineering Practices & Tools
  1. MAVEN: Maven is a Build-Management-Tool from the Apache Software Foundation and is based on Java.
    • Introduction to Maven
    • Maven-Installation and setup
    • A first Maven project
    • Compilation, test, package and deployment
  2. Git and Github, the most popular source code management system in the agile world
    • Introduction to source code management
    • Introduction to Git
    • Git commandline
    • Branching
    • Merging
    • Github
  3. Jenkins Continuous Integration System
    • Introduction to Continuous Integration
    • Jenkins Installation and -configuration
    • Jenkins administration
    • Continuous Integration and Deployment of a softwareproject with Jenkins
  4. Selenium: Selenium is an open source toolset for highly scalable browser and mobile automation solutions
    • Introduction to the Selenium tool family
    • JUnit / TestNG Basics
    • JSON Wire Protocol
    • Webdriver Basics
    • WebDriver Advanced
    • Selenium GRID?
    • Page Objects
    • Reporting
    • Selenium for Mobile


An assessment from Gridfusion will provide you with an in-depth view on the current state of your engineering efforts and areas for improvement. You will receive step by step instructions on how to build on your current capabilities and how you can reach your objectives faster and better. These engagements typically last from 2-5 days onsite at your company. While each assessment is different, it generally focuses on:



Tap into our unparallel Selenium experience

  • Typical duration 5 days
  • Onsite in your environment
  • Fully functional software which can be used for further development
  • Clear view about suitability of Selenium for your organization

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Fast & Frequent Feedback

  • Typical duration 5-10 days
  • Jenkins, Bamboo, MS Team Foundation Server
  • Single CI or Delivery Pipeline
  • Infrastructure As Code (Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, Docker)


Founder & Principal Consultant

+41 79 6690708

With many years in the software industry in lead roles at Ericsson, Nortel Networks, Intel and eBay, Michael Palotas founded GRIDFUSION to share his passion and knowledge and to help organizations to implement open source test automation. Michael had a direct influence on various tools in the Selenium tool family (i.e. Selenium Grid, Selendroid, ios-driver). Over time the company has grown into providing full spectrum consulting services around software development and test engineering.


Partner & Principal Consultant

Creator of Selenium Grid

+41 79 5242419

One of Francois' most notable contribution to the test engineering world was the development of Selenium GRID and ios-driver. He spent more than 10 years as a Principal Software Engineer at eBay and is one of the most recognized experts for test automation and continuous integration in the world.


Interested? Questions? Contact Us! +41 79 6690708