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Philosophy and Background
what we do and how we do it.

At GRIDFUSION we are experts in lean & agile software development and testing approaches with a worldwide customer base. We specialize in engineering consulting for software organizations with a strong focus on agile testing practices and test automation with open source tool sets.  GRIDFUSION has a strong hands-on approach backed with years of experience in multinational e-commerce and telecommunications environments.

Our primary goal is to make our customers successful by equipping them with the knowledge and the skills they need in order to "walk" on their own. We do not believe in creating a dependency between our customers and us. We consider our engagement a full success when we are no longer needed.

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Agile Coaching & Engineering Practices
put the theory into practice.

In our opinion agile only works when in addition to your processes you also change your engineering practices to enable agility. Some of those engineering practices include:

  • Test Automation
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Unit Testing
  • Pair Programming
  • Test Driven Development
  • Infrastructure as code

You can bring us on board to coach your organization in how to put agile engineering practices into reality.

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Technology & Strategy Consulting
pick our brains.

GRIDFUSION offers top-notch professional services and consulting for test automation and agile testing practices. Whether you just need a few insights for half a day or you are looking for a longer term partner, GRIDFUSION brings years of experience, flexibility and expert knowledge to you.

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become an expert.

GRIDFUSION offers training courses for individuals, teams or whole organizations. The courses are hands on besides getting knowledge first hand from our experts, you will find yourself digging into many practical examples and writing code yourself.
We also offer highly customized company courses, which are tailored to exactly fit your organization's specific needs.
For inhouse / company trainings please contact us at:

    Upcoming public trainings

    Selenium / WebDriver

    in cooperation with Digicomp

    • 25/26.11.2014, Basel/Bern
    • 19/29.02.2015, Zürich

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    Selenium / WebDriver

    in cooperation with Imbus Germany

    • 18/19.05.2015, Möhrendorf, Germany
    • 15/16.10.2015, Möhrendorf, Germany

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Management Coaching
from 30.000ft to touchdown.

GRIDFUSION works at all levels of the organization. Management consulting and coaching is one of our specialties, as we naturally connect the business world with technology and ensure that top-down and bottom-up everyone has an in-depth understanding of the topics.

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see where you are.

An assessment from Gridfusion will provide you with an in-depth view on the current state of your engineering efforts and areas for improvement. You will receive step by step instructions on how to build on your current capabilities and how you can reach your objectives faster and better. These engagements typically last from 2-5 days onsite at your company. While each assessment is different, it generally focuses on:

  • Organizational review
  • Process review
  • Software developent and test strategy
  • Test automation strategy
  • Technical review
  • Code and Test case review / analysis
  • Test environment configuration
  • Tools review

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Selenium Proof of Concept
before you invest.

You want to try open source test automation tools like Selenium? Not sure if it is right for you and your organization? We do a Proof of Concept together with you. They typically take 3-5 days where we evaluate your application and together we try to automate it with the Selenium Tool Family. Afterwards you have a clear view whether Selenium is the right tool for you. Our proof of concepts are fully functional software that can be used as a base to build upon when you decide to go forward.


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About Us
who we are.

With many years in the software industry in lead roles at Ericsson, Nortel Networks, Intel and eBay, Michael Palotas founded GRIDFUSION to share his passion and knowledge and to help organizations to implement open source test automation. Michael had a direct influence on various tools in the Selenium tool family (i.e. Selenium Grid, Selendroid, ios-driver). Over time the company has grown into providing full spectrum consulting services around software development and test engineering.

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Public events (Michael Palotas):

30.09.2014: Mobile App Europe, Potsdam, Germany

01.10.2014: Agile Bodensee, Konstanz, Germany

02.10.2014: Agile Bodensee, Konstanz, Germany

16.10.2014: STQ Conference, KEYNOTE, Stuttgart, Germany

16.10.2014: Mobile Quality Night Vienna, KEYNOTE, Vienna, Austria

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